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By Matthew Hick.

Writing Articles Can Be The Most Effective Way To Advertise Your Website...

Almost every website on the Internet has one major goal; website traffic. There are countless ways to advertise a website, both paid and free options. Each method of advertising has a purpose and can be very effective to increase visitors, however one of the best methods of marketing your website won't cost you a dime; Internet Article Marketing. The best part is anyone can start using this method starting today.

Unique ContentArticle marketing is not something new, it has been used in one form or another since the very first websites on the Internet. The goal is to get your article in front of an interested reader, and then convince them to visit your website to get more related information. The key to this method of website advertising is to get your article out to literally hundreds or thousands of related websites who will display your content. There are various article marketing strategies.

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How Does Allowing Others to Use My Articles Help Me?

Many people ask what is the purpose of allowing other websites to display their articles, when they could install it to their own website and gain website traffic that way. This makes sense to keep the content unique to your website, but writing an article for distribution has much more purpose than direct website traffic.

Readership Loyalty: When an article is displayed on a website, there will always be a notice stating who wrote the article and where to go to gather more information. Readers on other websites probably would have never known about your website without seeing your article. This has the potential to generate a loyal, long-term reader, who will visit your website frequently and tell their friends.

Targeted Backlinks: With each website that displays your article, they each count as a link back to your site. These backlinks play a crucial role in the search engines when they decide where to rank your website for certain phrases. Hyperlink the phrase you are trying to related your website to, and your position should increase in the future.

Website Backlinks
"The Effects of Article Marketing"

Website Credibility: The more articles you have published, the more your name will begin to get recognized as an expert in the field. Article marketing can be effective as soon as you write your first article, but the level of effectiveness is exponentially greater when you write on a consistent basis. People will trust you more and are more likely to purchase or signup for your offer when you promote something.

Certain Article Style Will Perform Better Than Others...

Simply writing content about anything that is on your mind that day, will probably not work too well. You should do research and determine what kind of articles relate to your website. Think of phrases that people may be searching for, find problems people are having, look for products you can review etc. There are many topics you can write about that will work for your website, no matter how small or large your niche.

Article Marketing ResultsOnce you have your ideas, the style in which you write the actual article can make a difference in the overall results you will see. Most websites and newsletters that choose articles to send to their members, like articles that are written in the 3rd person, straight to the point, based on facts and research. One style which seems to work very well, is the "Top 10" article. Content which focuses on advice, tips, what to avoid, quick fixes, etc seem to be picked up more often than other style of articles.

In most cases, articles which are written as stories do not do very well. 1st person articles can work for some very targeted niches, but try to avoid this style when brainstorming your ideas. The style of your content will effect the results of your article marketing strategy.

Where Can I Submit My Articles to Help Promote My Website?

Getting your article out to websites can be as easy or hard as you make it. There are many different methods that you can use when distributing your articles; both free and paid options. Depending on your advertising budget and the amount of time you have available, here are a few things you can do...

Email: Make a list of websites which are related to your article content, and email them if they would be interested in displaying your article on their site. Most sites will not respond to you, but sometimes you will get results. If they also operate a newsletter or mailing list, you could ask if they think their members would like to read your article.

How To Write ArticlesEzine Directories: This method of article marketing probably is the most popular. You can allow certain websites to display your article on their website, which also gives other people the right to use your article. Sometimes just one article can be picked up by hundreds of websites and can increase your website backlinks very quickly. Two of the major websites are and

Paid Services: If you submit articles every day to directories, it can be a time consuming process. There are software packages and paid services that can automate the distribution of your articles. Two of the major paid article distribution services are and

Every Website Should Be Utilizing Article Marketing...

If you can write interesting and unique articles, you have found one of the most effective forms of advertising you can perform on your website. Write as often as you are comfortable with and start your article marketing website campaign today.

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