Adsense Tips Website Advertising Values - Determine What You Are Worth.
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By Matthew Hick.

The internet is a great source of information, no matter what topic you are searching for. When visitors view a website, it provides the owner not only advertising income but it also increases the potential value of future advertising offers.

Better monthly traffic statistics for a website is one of a few factors when it comes to determining advertising values.

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Why Should I Determine My Website Advertising Value?

If you own a website which sells advertising, you could be doubling or even tripling your advertising revenue. Maybe you sell featured one way text-links or maybe graphical banner links, it is possible that your current advertisers have a much larger budget for your website then you may think.

Understanding what kind of money targeted advertisers are willing to pay is a crucial step in website success. These companies more than likely track results from their advertising campaigns, so they know what makes financial sense when it comes to pricing. The ultimate goal is to provide consistent results for advertisers, making sure they earn a profit, increase awareness or whatever the advertiser is trying to accomplish.

Factors To Consider When Calculating Values...

There are many things you should consider when figuring out a good pricing scheme for your website. The first thing you should do is define all the available advertising options a customer can have. This may include things like text-links, featured website links, banners, etc.

Generally, the more noticeable the advertisement area, the more you can charge compared to your other available options. Also, do the advertisements get displayed only on a few pages, or do they display on every page of your website? The more exposure an advertisement gets, the more it can charge.

So far, you haven't narrowed down an actual pricing schedule; you have figured out which ads will cost more than others throughout your website. Let's talk about the factors which will determine the advertisement prices.

Website Topic: Different markets have different advertising needs. If the topic is too small, there will be no competition between advertisers, which equals lower advertising budgets.

Age of Domain: Older websites usually tend to rank better in the search engines, which means increased traffic. The more traffic to a website, the more the links will cost.

Page Rank: Google awards a number 0 through 10 to every website, depending on how important they think the website is. Most people will look for a minimum Page Rank of 3 when buying links.

Incoming Links: Also known as backlinks, these are the links from other websites. The higher the number of backlinks, usually the higher the Page Rank as well as website traffic.

Number of Indexed Pages: The more content a website has, the more total number of people will see an advertisement. This increases link exposure, but also increases the website traffic.

Alexa: A quick tool which shows you how popular a website is compared to others. It estimates how much traffic a website gets. Be weary about these numbers, as they can be manipulated.

Number of Available Links: The total number of available links for sale will either make the links cheaper or more expensive. If a website only has a handful of available advertisement links, this generally means people will recognize your link more often, increasing the total link value.

There are other factors you can include when doing your research, but the ones mentioned above are generally more than enough.

Step by Step Process to Determine Website Ad Values...

Now that you know the important factors about pricing, the next step is to actually do some research and determine some numbers.

The quickest way to find a rough estimate for pricing is to browse around on a website which already sells Text-Links. You can look for websites which are similar in topic and then you can go from there. Compare your pagerank and number of indexed pages with the websites currently selling the ads. A good website to do this research on is

Another quick tool that can help determine your pricing is also provided by Text-Link-Ads. Check out their Link Price Calculator.

Selling Text Links Can Be Very Profitable...

As you can see, determining the price for various advertisements located on your website can be complicated, but the final decision is up to you. If you are happy by charging a flat fee for whatever advertisement, simply do that. At the end of the day, the customers will determine if your offer fits into their budget.

There are two main ways to get started; Do all the legwork yourself, finding advertisers, setting up the links etc... or you can use one of the many Text-Link services. They will do most of the work for you, but your profit will be lower.

Any website can add a few advertisement links to help increase the potential monthly income.

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