Adsense Tips Google Adsense Essentials - What Is It and How To Get Started.
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By Matthew Hick.

Owning and operating a website has been getting more common with each passing day. Some people may have designed their own, or maybe they are using one of the many free blogging solutions. Which-ever website solution you are using, you can convert the traffic into a decent income through advertising.

The easiest solution for content based websites is Pay Per Click advertising. More precisely, Google Adsense for Niche Websites.

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What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is basically an advertisement link display system for websites. Google has two sides to the system; Google Adwords, which allows website owners to purchase clickthroughs and Adsense, which allows website owners to display these paid advertisements.

When you do a search through a search engine, you will be displayed a number of relevant results, but if you look carefully around the page, you will see various highlighted text advertisements. If you decide to click on any of these links, that particular website is charged money for the search engine to direct you to their website link. This money goes directly to the search engine.

"Paid Adsense Advertisements"

Google adsense gives you the ability to install these clickable advertisement links throughout your niche website. When users click on the ads on your website, the website owner who's link was clicked pays like they normally would, but you receive a commission from their cost. This can add up very quickly if you operate a popular website with decently placed advertisements.

How Does Google Adsense Work with Content Websites?

One of the reasons why Google is the leader in the pay per click advertising field is how easy they have made it for anyone with a website to get started. After a website owner signs up for Adsense, all they need to do is copy a little chunk of javascript code into their website and the script does the rest.

Adsense works essentially with any website, but it works better on websites which are filled with useful targetted content. These types of sites have been labelled as niche websites or content websites. The more content a page has, the better results Google Adsense will display for your visitors.

Naturally these visitors will be interested in the displayed Adsense ads because the script automatically outputs links which are related to the page.

"Google Adsense Ads Displayed on User Website"

Google Adsense also provides a very good tracking system for the ads displayed on your website. You can see how many visitors were displayed clickable links and can see the percent which were converted into paying clicks. This is called Click Through Rate (CTR).

Various useful tools are available from Google which allow you to track your adsense click through rates, even if you have multiple websites displaying ads. Tracking individual website statistics is a good quick way to measure results, but Google Adsense allows you to track your results much closer. You can define unique channels for any of the ad display locations through-out a website. This allows website owners to edit, test and tweak their ads for maximum conversion rates.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect With Google Adsense?

Every website will have different results with the Google Adsense pay per click program. Depending on the website topic, the ads will vary in commission amounts. Popular and in-demand keyword phrases will usually pay more on average per click through. However, this doesn't mean targetted niche websites cannot earn money. Google Adsense has been around for a while now, almost any possible search query a person can think of has relevant ads available.

Another key ingredient when it comes to the profitability of Adsense with your website is the click through rate. Obviously the more clicks you get, the more money you earn. There are locations on a website which generally receive more visibility, which in turn should increase the click through rates. It is important to test and tweak adsense placement locations as well as different color schemes, as minor changes can sometimes produce great results.

The answer to people asking how much money can be made with Google Adsense is almost impossible to guess. However, once a website has a regular flow of incoming traffic, you can estimate how many visitors produce what kind of paid results. Basically, more website traffic equals more Adsense income.

How Do I Signup for Google Adsense?

Google has made it very simple for any niche website owner to enroll in the Adsense program.

The Process is as Follows...

  1. Go to the following application link...
  2. Fill in all the required information details and submit the website approval request.
  3. Google receives your application and looks over your website to confirm that it does not violate any rules in their terms of service.
  4. Once approved, you will receive an email containing all your account information.
  5. Log into your account and proceed to the Adsense Setup section.
  6. Define the size and colors of the ad and generate the website source code.
  7. Copy and paste the given source code into your website where you would like to display the ads.

If your website approval request gets rejected, Google will usually explain what violated their terms of service. Simply fix the issues and re-submit your application. Most websites will not have any problem signing up for Google Adsense. Generally, as long as your website looks decent, not considered spam and doesnt already display other contextual ads, it will be accepted.

Things Not To Do With Adsense...

Do NOT Click Your Own Ads: If you are new to pay per click programs and Google Adsense, I am sure you have asked yourself, why can't people simply click their own ads or get their friends to do so. Do not try this, not even to test if your links are working.

Google makes a lot of money from their contextual advertising service, which also means they have a very skilled team that is dedicated to protecting themselves from fraud. If you think you can outsmart them, you are dead wrong. You will be banned from the service and you will never be able to reapply to the program.

Do NOT Make a Website Just for Ads: I'm sure you have seen a website which was just one big block of advertisements. This is against Google's terms of service and you will probably get a warning before your account is closed. A website should provide value, not simply exist to produce click throughs on your links.

Do NOT Display Other Contextual Ads: This doesn't mean you cannot display other advertisments, it just means you cannot display ads that function like Adsense. If the program scans the page it is installed on, and displays relevant ads related to your content, that is considered a contextual ad.

Adsense can be a wonderful addition to any website, just play by their rules. It is not worth losing your Adsense account by trying to trick the system; Success will come with peristence, not fraud.

Google Adsense Pay Per Click Conclusion...

Website owners have many choices when it comes to monetizing their website traffic. For most people, Google Adsense Pay Per Click program is the perfect solution, as it caters to everyone; hobbyists, professionals or businesses.

Some people claim that Google Adsense will make you a millionarie overnight. This is not true, but if you operate a website, displaying Adsense ads is never a bad idea. Used by itself or in conjunction with other advertising methods, Google Adsense can defianetly help pay some bills.

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