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From: Matthew Hick

Fact: Content Websites are here to stay and are a very lucrative opportunity..

Dear Friend,

Do you know what the MOST RELIABLE and EASIEST method for success on the internet is? You don't need to pay a "guru" hundreds of dollars to figure it out, there is no "Adsense Secret"... In fact, the method can be successfully completed by ANYONE, has long term Potential and is smacking us in the face Every day...

Keeping It Simple... Interesting Information & Articles!

You can buy hundreds of online internet business services that promise website success, but it ALL boils down to the basic concept of interesting content. There is an abundance of never-ending news and information being created 24 hours a day. People want to read your content and they want it now.

More and more people are moving away from the traditional means of reading the newspaper and magazines. In fact, most magazines predict they will be 100% online within the next 5 years and completely stop their printed media.

People are information hungry and have turned to the Internet to fulfill their intellectual needs…

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  • This is YOUR Opportunity to satisfy this growing need for information and content.
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  • This is YOUR Opportunity to build and operate an empire of respected websites; quickly & easily.
Niche Websites
  • This is YOUR Opportunity to finally prosper by providing useful content people want to read.
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They don't want anyone else to know about this Stunning Website Service!

If you have ever wanted to operate a Network of truly Unique and Successful Income Producing Websites, please continue to read about what the exclusive eWebCreator service will do for you.

We want to make sure all of our Loyal Customers have the best opportunity for success – Membership is LIMITED.

The Ever-Expanding Gateway We Call "The Internet"...

Now a days, everyone seems to own a Blog or Website; large companies, small companies, hobbyists, marketers, teenagers, grandparents and even your neighbor.

Websites are not a trend, they are here to stay; Especially sites that provide useful content and information on a regular basis. Some custom websites are absolutely horrible in design and structure, but the content can generate consistent profits for the adsense business.

The DEMAND for content rich websites has never been greater than it is now. This is your opportunity to Stand Out from the crowd of current generation websites.

We have a product which will give you a HUGE advantage - eWebCreator.

Like Clockwork, Countless NEW Websites Come Online Every Day…

Most people initially say the sole purpose of a website is to Produce Income. Some say they operate websites as a Hobby to keep themselves active. Others truly Enjoy Helping other people by providing useful content. It doesn’t matter what the website is about, there is ALWAYS room for useful content.

The Internet is expanding, every minute, every second. You would think the Internet would be “full” by now but everyday people spend time and money putting them on Others truly Enjoy Helping other people by think.

Unlike most people, I’m not going to try and paint an Unrealistic picture of wealth and success to you. I’m not going to try to impress you with Fancy Charts showing you how much adsense income you could potentially make.

You are smart enough to realize everything is essentially just a Tool to help you reach a goal...

Make Money at Home Business

"If you had just One Tool for Niche Websites, there is Nothing Better than eWebCreator."

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to websites or currently own hundreds of other websites, the Exclusive eWebCreator Website Service is a MUST HAVE for every successful person.

eWebCreator Has The Experience To Make You Succeed...

It feels like I have been designing websites forever. I remember many years ago, before actual graphical websites, playing with Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). I loved to be able to provide information to people who would dial-up with their 9600-baud modem and read. For myself, this was my first experience with providing content online and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Many of you may even remember the good ole days of the friendly GeoCities community. Even though I only created websites for a hobby back then, I have kicked myself ever since for not realizing the potential of information. When people say content websites are just a fad and not a viable business, I have a story that says otherwise…

Millionaire Status Slipped Through My Hands...

In 1995 I operated a simple website which provided Nintendo game reviews and hints. I would purchase or rent games just to review for the website, costing me a small fortune in the process.

I simply wanted to help people. After a few months, the website grew so popular that my web hosting bandwidth fees were in the hundreds of dollars. I didn’t know what to do, as this so-called “hobby” was costing me a huge sum of money to help people who I didn’t even know.

Mind you, even the “Internet” was just considered a trend back then, so it didn’t make any sense to continue my hobby. I shutdown the website.

One year later, a website called “GameSpot” popped up, which essentially did the same thing I did, review video games. Needless to say, this website is part of a huge million dollar a year network today…

Obviously I made a huge mistake, but without the proper method of monetizing the website and without any substantial financial backing, there was no alternative option. There wasn't any Adsense Software available at that time.

Content Websites are Here to Stay - do not let anyone convince you otherwise.

The eWebCreator service provides anyone the ability to run a high-quality network with our Adsense Ready Sites.

The Framework of a Website Will Decide Success or Failure...

Operating a website has traditionally been somewhat technical and costly. However it is getting much easier for anyone with a computer to operate a CMS website. The problem is the majority of these niche websites are destined to fail right from the beginning. Over-used Adsense Site Templates are not good.

Like a house, Websites need to have a sturdy structure, which everything else is built on top of. The many free and low cost solutions to build a website, are usually just slapped together so they look good and operate. The under-lying code structure is chaotic; websites load slowly, style sheets are bloated, layouts are disorganized and search engine optimization techniques are sparse at best.

Investing in OTHER website services can be risky; if the system is not optimized from the start, all of the time you invest could be wasted...

Become a Member of eWebCreator...
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Not Every Website is Built the Same. Programmers and development teams have different levels of experience that can affect a product. Most teams simply do not have the same background as we do when it comes to designing an Adsense Website. It would cost thousands of dollars to hire a team to create a website similar to just ONE eWebCreator website.

eWebCreator Provides You a Complete Solution... Researched Phrases, Adsense Keywords, SEO Optimized Code, Easy Installation, Effortless Control Panel, Professional Designs and Much More.

Why Some Websites Have Success, While Others Tend To Fail...

On average, 80% of all website traffic come from Search Engines. Unless you have a large advertising budget, getting consistent visitors to your website can be a daunting task. The good news is search engines are always looking for new content and they love eWebCreator websites. Writing articles and providing content can generate plenty of traffic from the search engines, without paying a dime on advertising.

"Just by using eWebCreator, the websites you operate will have the advantage in the search engines."

Why do some websites fail and others flourish? Persistence. I am sure some of you reading this website have good and bad stories which are related to persistence. Maybe you finally finished building the shed in your backyard, or maybe you have given up on some new years resolutions. Persistence is a key factor in every aspect of life. Successful Adsense Websites are no different.

People who simply buy a website and not do anything with it, are probably not going to have much success. The chance of success is greatly improved when a goal is well planned out and easy to understand.

eWebcreator provides the Ultimate Niche Website Platform. If your goal is to operate a successful website or even a network of websites, there is no better product on the market which provide as much value as the Exclusive eWebCreator Website Service.

The Best Niche Website Deal on the Internet - Limited Members!

It is simple; if you want to operate a successful website network or expand your current network, Sign-Up for eWebCreator today. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our service. Just the feeling of knowing you have the advantage over the vast majority of Niche Websites is priceless.

The eWebCreator Service is Definitely a HOT DEAL!
Niche Websites
Membership IS LIMITED to ONLY 100 Customers.

We want to make sure all of our customers have the best chance of success, so we have limited the competition to only 100 members. Secure your membership today - eWebCreator is getting more and more popular as the word spreads. We want you as a customer and will do everything we can to make you succeed with your Niche Website network.

If you are truly looking to prosper online, eWebCreator is a must have. No experience is required, we have done ALL the research & hard work for 100 successful members. We invite you to become one of our exclusive members...

Introducing the All-In-One Niche Website Solution... eWebCreator!

Adsense Ready Websites

As a member of eWebCreator, you will have access to Complete High-Quality Niche Websites. Everything you need is provided to operate a successful website. Simply upload the setup files to a blank website or subdomain and let eWebCreator do the rest.

We have invested great amounts of time (12+ months) and money ($40,000+) developing the eWebCreator service; this is NOT a fly by night operation. We truly want all of our customers to succeed with their websites and have provided the Best Solution on the Internet.

We have received incredible feedback from Current Customers using the eWebCreator service and the results have EXCEDED even our own expectations!

Look at what your eWebCreator Membership gives you Access to...

Custom Niche SitesTHREE (3) Unique & Custom Built Adsense Ready Websites...
(EACH & EVERY MONTH - $597 Value)

Members of eWebCreator service will receive 3 Complete Websites on the hottest niches and topics EVERY month. All niche research has been completed for you! No longer do you need to spend countless hours researching popular niche sites, we will find the best niches each month.

Not only do you receive the websites, each one comes pre-loaded with base content. News feeds, custom logo, extra resources, related website links and even Unique PLR Articles never seen before!

eWebCreator Niche sites are not your typical run of the mill website...

  • Adsense Templates TRUE Content Websites - NOT Bulk Made for Adsense Templates.
  • Custom Script Highly Customizable - Color Themes, Source Code and Much More.
  • Niche SEO Highly Search Engine Optimized (SEO) - Easy Niche Marketing.
  • Website Success Designed for Maximum Expandability.
  • CMS Professional Grade Management Control Panel.
  • Adsense Ready Sites Multiple Professional Website Layouts to Choose From.
  • High Quality Sites ...Plus Hundreds of Other Benefits & Features!

The best part is No Experience is required. The system is incredibly easy to install. Simply download the provided website files and upload to your webhosting services, then follow the installation instructions. For those interested in the process, it is basically just setting up a database and changing permissions on files. The installation process will complete everything else.

If you have absolutely no skills with computers, we can setup the monthly websites on your webhosting services at no charge!

Niche ContentTHIRTY (30) Unique, Never Seen Before PLR Articles...
(EACH & EVERY MONTH - $97 Value)

If having 3 Complete Websites up and running within minutes isn't enough, we also provide Professional PLR Niche Articles for EVERY website we release!

Adsense Secrets

Each of the three websites released every month will come with 10 PLR Niche Articles using highly targeted keywords. You can use the original Niche Content, or you can edit them to create your own eBooks or submit them to article directories.

The eWebCreator system truly provides everything you will need to get started.

Content Website FeaturesOver 50+ Incredible Website Features and Functions...
(JUST ONE Site Would Cost THOUSANDS of $$$ to Clone)

Completely Customizable Layouts and Images: Give your website a different look and feel by choosing from the multiple layout schemes available. You can also control the various colors, images and backgrounds to fully customize the websites to how you want them.

 SEO Optimization: All eWebCreator sites are completely designed with SEO in mind. Simply create the content, and the system will make sure you do well in the Search Engines.

Article Management System: Simply add, edit or remove articles from your website. Manage different categories and even customize SEO keywords for individual articles. If you have ever typed an email or document, you can use our simple to use Built-In HTML Editor.

XML / RSS Feeds - Incoming: Automatically keep your website fresh and up to date! Providing up to the minute news will increase repeat visitors and keep your site fresh in the search engines.

XML / RSS Feed - Outgoing: One of the most powerful features included with eWebCreator. New articles are automatically added to a RSS feed which can be read by users or directories.

Resource Section & Link Exchanges: Provide extra resources which you think your website visitors will find interesting. This section also acts as an automatic link exchange system! Allow other websites to add their link to your directories, for a link on their website.

Rotating Content: Search Engines like to see different content on a page each time they index your website. Facts and Articles rotate automatically as the user browses the website.

Purchasable Text Links: Our RWS Websites have unique advertising features which you will not find anywhere else on eBay! You can offer up to 3 different types of advertising and get paid instantly through paypal.

Affiliate Control Section: Control the displayed affiliates throughout the whole website by simply updating this section. Choose from Adsense, YPN, Commission Junction, Amazon or even define your own affiliate code!

*NEW* Article Scheduling: Automate your websites to keep them updated with fresh content. Easily manage large numbers of websites without having to maintain the sites every day.

*NEW* Blank Modules: Customize the website by adding custom content to various locations throughout the layout. Truly make each website unique and your own.

Any Many More Functions: There are far too many features and functions to list. Automatic sitemaps, automated article pinging, customizable filenames, window pop-up layers...

CMSEasy to Use Website Management Panel - Professional Solution.
(Customers Are RAVING How Easy It Is)

Most website services simply give users a bunch of html files, which they need to manually edit if they want to change or add anything. Other better known niche portal builders provide a generic control panel so people can just barely operate their website... eWebCreator is VERY different...

Custom Websites
eWebCreator Website Control Panel.

Almost ALL of our customer feedback include praise about the website content management system (CMS), and how easy it is to operate. It doesn't matter if you have very limited computer skills or are an advanced user, our management panel will suite your needs.

Every eWebCreator website comes with its very own panel; managing and customizing multiple sites is a breeze. Help is only one click away if you ever need assistance.

eWebCreator Online Website Examples...

Did you know that some people who sell a service or a product, usually never practice what they preach? The majority of their profits come from people who buy into the over-hyped promises and potential. Adsense How To guides & manuals seem to be the craze now a days...

At eWebCreator, we truly believe in our service and want to deliver the best possible website experience. To do this, we even operate our own network of sites using the eWebCreator service.

Here are some eWebCreator Websites which are online and operational...

Niche Website #1

Website: eGolf-Today.com
eWebCreator Group: Group A
eWebCreator Update: October 2006

Niche Website #2

Website: eGardening-Today.com
eWebCreator Group: Group A
eWebCreator Update: December 2006

Niche Website #3

Website: eWedding-Today.com
eWebCreator Group: Group A
eWebCreator Update: February 2007

Still Not Convinced? Read Our Recent Feedback and Testimonals...

Obviously we could talk about the eWebCreator Service all day long, but lets see what REAL People like yourself are saying about our service...

Happy User: Ken Austin

Site Testimonial #1"Hi Matt,
I just wanted to drop you these few lines to let you know how happy I am with the quality of the sites that I have received so far as well as the excellent customer service that you have delivered.

You are always there when I need assistance and have gone out of your way to assist on numerous occasions.

I was one of your first customers, having purchased a motivational site which can be found at www.kgcenterprise.com and have had no regrets whatsoever since. My site is performing quite well and is paying for itself.

After subscribing to your website service and realizing the great potential, I unsubscribed from all but one of the other niche builder services that I was a member of. So far you have over-delivered.

I am also very happy with the quality of the other sites that you have delivered. The control panel is very easy to work with and in my opinion is second to none. The template is very well designed and I truly believes that the search engines love this template.

I have no difficulty whatsoever in recommending your website service to anyone."

Happy User: Maryanne

Site Testimonial #2"Hi Matthew,
I would like to say how happy I am with the sites that I received from you. Here is a recent quote from a friend of mine:

...I like your acne site did you build it yourself? http://www.CureReports.com...

Of course I told him that the site was from eWebCreator.com. In fact, my acne website has made $9 from adsense revenue alone, and it has only been online for one month!

You have been very helpful with questions that I had when I started to market this site. I didn't know much about web design and still am new to my internet business; you promptly replied to all my emails and even helped me with the setting up and uploading the website to my host company.

Now I maintain the website with very little assistance from you but whenever I need help, you are always ready to give it.

I would recommend eWebCreator.com to my friends anytime!"

Happy User: Andrew Mills

Site Testimonial #3"I have to give eWebCreator a lot of the credit as the onsite optimization (SEO) is some of the best I have ever seen.

All I have to do is add content, get some link partners and Google eats it up! Making money with Adsense is a breeze.

I have been getting more and more of my pages listed since using eWebCreator Websites."

Training & Support Included - No Experience Required...

Not only is the eWebCreator Service one of the Best Niche Website Tools on the internet, we also care about all of our customers.

Our goal is to provide everyone with information and answers that will help them with their online venture; no matter if you are new to websites or operate a large adsense network. Here are a few ways we can do this...

Adsense Tutorials In-depth tutorials and support guides.
Customer Support Live contact through MSN Messenger.
email support Responsive eMail Support
Adsense Articles Training articles

We know in order for eWebCreator to be a successful service, our customers need to be successful as well. Let us help you reach your online goals.

Activate TODAY and Get The Following BONUSES for FREE!

We know that eWebCreator is such an incredible package, but we still want to make it Even HOTTER... All New Accounts Get The Following BONUSES...

Successful Websites

#1 - eWebCreator Success Manual:
An informative guide which takes you step-by-step, guiding you to success with your new website.

Understand what it takes for true website success, daily tasks, what to expect, ways to advertise a website, adsense tips and much more!

$67.00 Value!

Custom Niches

#2 - Custom PSD Logo Package:
We provide various PSD logos which can be customized and used on your eWebCreator Websites. Other Adsense websites for sale don't offer this.

Free Website Installation

#3 - Free Website Installations:
Users who may not have experience with installing websites, can simply ask us to do the installs for free. The installations are very easy to complete, however we want to make everyone feel comfortable, no matter what computer skills they have.

Once The Membership Fills Up, The Doors Are Shut...

"Our Exclusive Membership WILL Sell Out...
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Adsense Ready Adsense Website Niche Websites

Adsense Software Exclusiveness - Only 100 Available Accounts.
Niche Websites Three Complete Websites Each Month.
Niche Articles 30 Brand New PLR Articles Each Month.
Custom Websites 50+ Website Functions All Controlled From The Easy-To-Use Visual Control Panel.
Adsense Empire Build a Website Empire With No Experience.
Adsense Training Top-Notch Support and Assistance.
Best Adsense Websites No Other Website Service Can Compare.

A Complete Website service like eWebCreator could easily sell for $297 or more a month. We have decided against this price because we hate the idea of being a "Gold Members Only" type of service.

We want to give Everyone (100 members) the opportunity to benefit from our service. I don't know about you, but I can't afford to keep throwing my money away on over-hyped, over-priced products.

eWebCreator Truly Delivers Results!

It has been suggested we raise our current price to keep competition low. Having said that, we want to offer you a Special Limited Time Offer of Only $97 $67 a Month.

We are 100% confident that eWebCreator is the Niche Website Service for you. By activating your account today, you also secure the $67 a month price. If we choose to raise our price in the future, your monthly rate will never increase. Guaranteed.

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The 100 Membership Limit is Strictly Enforced... We Guarantee Never to Over-Sell Our Service.

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